Educational Electrolyzer Offer

Because of the involvement in the embedded controls of electrolyzer and fuel cells, we have realized a small Alkaline electrolyzer that is ideal for experiments and education. Due to the interest during the workshops from teachers and students, we have decided to temporarily add this complete product set to our product range. you only have to add some sterilized water with 3% Nh03 and a simple 20W DC power supply wich is able to deliver 3-5 Volts with 3-4 Amps to procude separated hydrogen and oxigen .

-The price for a complete single electrolyzer is 300 euro.

-The licence price only for a educational institutes are 750 euro.

-With a pre-order to participate in a production batch, the price is 240 euros. You have to wait until the number of pre-orders meets the number that is necessary for a production batch.      

Please send a email with this link for order or information and you will receive an email with details about delivery and payment.

Prices are exclusive of VAT. With a legal European VAT number, VAT settlement is possible in accordance with European guidelines for EU member states.