Embedded systems

Our embedded systems (also known as integrated systems) are electronic designs to which one or more microcomputers or microcontrollers have been added with the aim of optimizing operation or achieving flexible and customized functionality.

Due to the enormous increase in microcontrollers and the simultaneous development of the larger and more easily programmable internal memories, the microcontrollers cores are used in the most designs.

Due to long experience within Spectra Electronics in the field of assembly language, we are able to realize embedded products that are virtually the same in terms of development time and price as conventionally developed electronics. 

Universal regenerative electric vehicle controller

Controlling electric engines is a profession. Also the control of an electric propulsion from a battery is not easy. Generating a beautiful and smooth running rotating field is a considerable task. Spectra electronics has many years of experience with mosfet-controlled power controllers for motors, converters and windmills.

A so-called vector control has been designed for the control of permanent magnet motors, which ensures a perfect three-phase rotating field with an almost perfect sine shapes. In addition, a centered pulse width control has been designed with which series motors (with or without carbon brushes) can be driven.

A universal electrical vehicle controller is designed that is specially designed for inductive and capacitive loads. This universal controller is characterized by  new modulation and control techniques. Due to the multiple techniques, this controller can control any type of electric load. In addition to controlling proces properties, this controller can also be actively used to regenerate current during using operational use.